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Sex, or sex or lovemaking, is essentially the addition and pushing of the penis, typically when erect, into the vagina for sexual delight, multiplication, or both. This is otherwise called vaginal intercourse or vaginal sex. Other types of penetrative sex incorporate butt-centric sex (infiltration of the rear-end by the penis), oral sex (entrance of the mouth by the penis or oral infiltration of the female genitalia), fingering (sexual infiltration by the fingers), and infiltration by utilization of a dildo (particularly a strap-on dildo). These exercises include physical closeness between at least two people and are normally utilized among people exclusively for physical or passionate joy and generally add to human bonding.

An assortment of perspectives concern what constitutes sex or other sexual activity, which can likewise affect sees on sexual health. Although the term sex, especially the variation sex, by and large indicates penile–vaginal infiltration and the likelihood of making offspring,[it likewise regularly signifies penetrative oral sex and penile–anal sex, especially the latter.[13] It is generally characterized by sexual entrance, while non-penetrative sex acts, for example, non-penetrative types of cunnilingus or common masturbation, have been named outercourse.[14] Non-penetrative sex acts, nonetheless, may furthermore be viewed as sexual intercourse.[5][15] The term sex, frequently a shorthand for sex, can mean any type of sexual activity.[11][16] Because individuals can be at danger of contracting sexually transmitted diseases amid sexual activities,[12][17] however the transmission hazard is altogether decreased amid non-penetrative sex,[18][19] safe sex practices are prompted.

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