Who killed the birendra and ROYAL FAMILY

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Many Nepalese human beings are skeptical of the legit record that the then Crown Prince Dipendra finished the murder. King Birendra and his son Dipendra were very famous and well reputable through the Nepalese populace. finally, Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, the chairman of the Nepalese Maoist birthday party, in a public collecting claimed that the massacre changed into planned through the Indian intelligence business enterprise raw or the american CIA Promoters of those thoughts allege Gyanendra had a hand within the massacre so that he should count on the throne himself. His ascension to the throne could only be viable if each of his nephews Dipendra and Nirajan had been eliminated. furthermore, Gyanendra and particularly his son Prince Paras were grossly unpopular with the general public. at the day of the bloodbath he turned into in Pokhara while different royals have been attending a dinner characteristic. His wife Komal, Paras and daughter Prerana have been within the room at the royal palace during the massacre. at the same time as the entire households of Birendra and Dipendra have been wiped out, no person amongst Gyanendra’s own family died; his son escaped with slight accidents, His wife sustained a lifestyles threatening bullet wound but survived.

regardless of the truth that two survivors have publicly showed that Dipendra did the capturing, as changed into documented in a BBC documentary,[4] the chain of activities is disputed by means of some Nepalese. After the monarchy become abolished via a populist rebellion there had been numerous claims refuting the reliable file, amongst them is a current ebook posted in Nepal named Raktakunda recounting the massacre. It seems on the incident via the eyes of one of the surviving witnesses, Queen mom Ratna’s non-public maid, recognized in the ebook as Shanta. The e book, which the writer says is a “ancient novel”, posits that men masked as Crown Prince Dipendra fired the photographs that caused the bloodbath. Shanta’s husband, Trilochan Acharya, also a royal palace worker, become killed together with 10 royal own family individuals, together with the entire family of King Birendra. further to details of the royal massacre, Shanta alleged many other cover-usavia the royal own family, including a declare that the previous king King Mahendra devoted suicide.

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26 thoughts on “Who killed the birendra and ROYAL FAMILY

  1. Dirgha Raj Prasai

    we never believe all the
    suspious description about palace.macessare 2001 is fallacious. King Gyanendra was innocent about that case. King Gyanendra was at Pokhara in that night. The crown prince Dipendra was fallen in love with Devyani-the daughter of Pashupati Shamser, his mother denied to marry with Debyani and then the crown prince became furious and then he decieded to end all his family including king Birendra.That is the real cause of Palace macessare
    Thank you

    1. Dirgha Raj Prasai

      Dear All,
      Please, never be confused. Nobody can challenge the evidences and facts all about the 2001, Nepal’s Palace Massacre. You know- His Majesty, the Late King Birendra strongly believed that ‘Nepal’s history and tradition have bound her people and Monarchy in an enduring and intimate relationship, injecting in the Institution an inherent feature of honoring and being guided by popular will and aspiration of the people’. Throughout his reign, the welfare of the people was always uppermost in his mind. He always endeavored to live up to their expectations and ensure a balanced all-round development. During his coronation in 1975, he declared free primary education throughout the country and also proposed that Nepal be declared a Zone of Peace. Including USA, 116 nations support the declaration of Zone of Peace but India denied it. Nepal has had ties with India since the Muslim rule there, but Nepal always faced a threat from India. In the name of democracy (Indocracy), India always plays the Drama with Nepalese agents.
      The Nepalese people had to bear the sudden loss of their beloved ‘Monarch’ in a dreadful and unanticipated incident that occurred in the Narayanhity Royal Palace on 1st June 2001. His Royal Highness Crown Prince Dipendra (born 1971) was in a coma in hospital, was declared king. His Royal Highness Prince Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah, brother of His late Majesty King Birendra was proclaimed regent in accordance with the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal – 1990. King Dipendra (at the age of 29) passed away the next day. According to the constitution, then, His Royal Highness Prince Gyanendra was proclaimed king of the Kingdom of Nepal.
      The Crown prince Dipendra had fallen in love with Devyani. Being Devyani’s mother birth-place India (Gwaliyar) and her mother’s mother was lower Rana family, the King & queen denied him marriage to Devyani. Then, Dipendra became aggressive towards his parents. At that time, RAW penetrated the story. RAW agents convinced Devyani to hypnotize Prince Dipendra so that he would kill his father and become the King himself. Devyani’s mother was also furious because she herself wanted to marry King Birendra in the past. She was jealous of Queen Aiswarya and wanted her daughter to be queen of Nepal.
      After the misfortune incident Dipendra puzzled out and he was nervous. And he shot himself using his left hand, because his eating & writing practice was by his left hand. In that black night Prince Gyanendra was at Pokhara for the meeting of King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation.
      In the context of Palace’s bloodbath 2001, senior journalist Pusphpa Raj Pradhan writes- ‘Queen Aishwara was against the choice of son Dipendra to marry Deviyani, daughter of Pashupati Shumsher Rana. Earlier, King Birendra was positive with Dipendra, but when Indian ambassador KV Rajan and also some Indian sages started to lobby to accept Deviyani, the King became alert. For one and a half years, Dipendra’s relation with his parents was not cordial. On the other hand, his relationship with Deviyani was becoming more and more serious. He had attempted to marry Deviyani in a temple. Deviyani’s parent had brought another Indian Tantric to materialize the relation between Dipendra and Devyani. Without strong assurance from any of the external power centers, Dipendra could not move forward for such a heinous crime. His plan to kill his father only failed and he was compelled to open fire on others as others wanted to stop him from committing this crime. Dipendra again went to his father’s body to confirm whether he was dead or not. Finally, when he saw many relatives’ dead bodies, he felt guilty and opened fire him. Divyani was allowed to fly to Delhi the same night, immediately after the Palace bloodbath! Deviyani, who was closely associated with Dipendra, is the lady who may know this great plan considering the phone records, as Dipendra’s last call was to Deviyani.’
      This is open-secret that Prince Dipendra and Devyani were used by RAW in the Royal massacre. On the massacre night (7-9 PM), she was in Dugad Niwas near by the Indian-Embassy at Lajimpat, and was asking the activities of Prince Dipendra to his ADC, Raju Karki, now he is in America. First of all, PM Girija Prasad sent the message to Indian PM from the Army Hospital by telephone. But, just after the massacre, the next day, Devyani departed to Delhi when Girija was the powerful Prime minister.
      Thank you
      Dirgha Raj Prasai

  2. Chandana

    We will never believe that a crown prince can attempt such bloodbath just for the shake of a lady. Being a crown prince of a country where Parents are treated as God, one can never even think of killing them. Conspiracy and massacre has been lucidly observed throughout the history of king dynasty. So, it is obvious that this massacre is also the result of a ‘conspiracy’.

  3. Fuck indian

    Why this is in Indian language motherfuckers,fuck all of you who made this!

    1. Sanisa

      Indian have searched and made this so in which language they will speak? Nepali people always judge themselves without knowing the truth and act like a blind by denying it so it always lay behind

  4. Sankalpa

    its not a truthful documentry. Nepales will never believe this story .

  5. Sanisa

    God only knows the truth and according to suspects and much more information from inside people how can we deny the truth. Anyways they have presented it well and don’t say bad just because it is made by Indians. May their soul rest in peace. We miss them alot, they were the pride of our Nation and who ever have does this will never Rest in Peace!!!

  6. kaam chaina doti haruko

    dhoti haru katina tiranle dekheko josto tetro marinjel thorina sop le herera bascha y yat

    1. jackson

      shame on this documentary by indians
      unknowing any idea and truth you fuckers make this video
      Never god give you good bless on you and your family.how can you blame on a crown prience to the massacure and how could you think he can kill all his family for a single lady as he is a crown prience ?he can have anyone he wants.this video is totaly untrustable and shame on you all!

  7. krishna rijal

    We never support fake one but our neighbour did it .
    not leaving such habit.

  8. sabita

    Its not a truthful documentary. Nepalese will never believe this story .

    1. sabita

      Its not a truth documentary. Nepalese will never believe this story .

  9. mina

    hait yasari pani yo nepal ko lato gado janta ra ti batha haru bahek lata haru lai bhyulaune ho ta ? banaieko natak garera banaieko lai satya bhnne ? tyso bha ” chadani chok” bhnne jhuth filim buddha bharat ma janmeko re bhani pani banayakai hun ,,, z tv ma ramrai buddha bharat ma janmeko bhanera banakai hun kapo kalpit ta kalpanik kura ta tysto garnu chayo bhane hami pani banai din ta saki halchau ni mula aankhama charo chardai yo duniya tytti lato chaina ta hau ke sochya hola yo banaune ra yaska samarthak haru le hahaha…..tyso bha bharat pahila nepal ma thiyo pachhi chuttiyara gako ho tyo chai kin kasaile filim banaudaina china ma thiyo bharat pachhi chuttiyako ho tyo filim chaina le banaunu parne ho ta ?

  10. Sajni Srth

    Who the hell give them a authority to make it?? Its our royal case not just a story
    Such a indians..

  11. Ramila Rayamajhi

    Set!!!what is this ? who the hell to make the fake story. and really its not a story to show and make a flim no obe have athoroty ,we know our king and royal family.So, never belive this disgusting story. It’s totally dramatic.

  12. Bishnu Bahadur Paudel

    Who ever try to make this fake video go to the hell and screw up your self bloody baster. You don’t know what is the truth? You stupid people killed our beloved king and now what do you want to approve by blaming to crown Prince ???? RAW????

  13. suresh

    matherchod CIA nd RAW le nepali royal family mareko ho hamile yesko badla linai parchha

  14. gobinda k.G.

    we are all nepalese ,its can’t believe which is showing this wrong flim, that’s happened we all nepalese are saying or thinking untill , Dipendra has not this work


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