Dangerous Landing and takeoff,Talcha Airport Nepal.

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Talcha Airport, Nepal. dangerous landing and takeoff on the Shortest runway.
Talcha Airport is located in Mugu district, near Rara country wide Park. Tara airlines operate flight to Talcha Airport. The excellent view of Rara Lake makes your flight well worth.

On 26 may 2010, a Tara Air DHC-6 twin Otter took off from Birendranagar Airport in Surkhet, heading for Talcha Airport in Rara, with 18 passengers and 3 team on board. At 10 am, the plane needed to make an emergency landing at Birendranagar Airport, after its cabin door all at once opened 5 minutes after take-off.

Tara Air officials stated that the cabin attendant managed to fasten the door immediately after it opened, to prevent any possible mishaps.
On 21 November 2011, a Makalu Air Cessna 208B Grand Caravan took off from Surkhet Airport, en course to Talcha Airport. Upon landing at Talcha, the aircraft skidded off the runway and hit a rock, destructive the front of the plane—4 of the eleven occupants had been injured.

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