Best comedy video “Guys”.

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Nepali most Comedy serial is a “Bhadragol”. It has some classic comedy of Jigree, Barista, Pade ,Cockroh are leading main role in this serial.
In this Episode of Bhadragol, you will watch some funny stuff. After many weeks Belase is in London and he is lost. Pade solti and Jigree Are trying to go to jail. Finally Jigree gets in trouble and you see what his father does to get away with this.

and the team. Jigree and his friends are living in a hotel. Barista and Khupika Ba are also staying in the same hotel. Barista and Khupika Ba gets to meet Jigree when he and his friends run out of money.
Pade is helping Belase to get one of the work done by government employee. Pade makes sure that the stuck file will go ahead. what you will learn after is a good lession to every person in the society.
i am waiting that great day we will together and will sharing all happiness and sharrowes

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