Majja ko Guff with Mushar Basti (Dhurmus Suntali Namuna Basti).

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Majja ko Guff with Mushar Basti (Dhurmus Suntali Namuna Basti).The Musahars are a Hindu Out Caste (without any Caste). for their increase and development they were given scheduled caste repute for political advantages as SCs have reservation within the Indian ‘reservation device’.

The poor community which become in advance very weak is observed in the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in India, and Terai of Nepal. they are additionally referred to as Banbasi, and at the plateau as Manjhi.

The Musahar were historically rat catchers, and there may be nonetheless uncertainty as to their precise foundation. in keeping with a neighborhood legend, Parmashwar (god) created guy and gave him a horse to ride. the first Musahar determined to dig holes within the stomach of the pony to fix his ft as he rode. This indignant Parmeshwar, who punished them by using making them rat catchers.

they’re found in japanese Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and north Madhya Pradesh and the Terai region of Nepal. The Musahar speak the Bhojpuri dialect of Hindi and Nepali.

In Bihar, the word Musahar is stated to be derived from mūs, a nearby Bhojpuri and Sanskrit (mūṣ) word for a rat or mouse, as a result of their traditional occupation as rat catchers

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