Most Beautiful and cheap Places in the World you should visit once.

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Most Beautiful and cheap Places in the World you should visit once in a lifetime.Tourist dollars that are spent thoughtfully will go a long way in this country, choosing grass roots tour companies and independent homestays ensures money will end up in the local pockets. And with stunningly varied landscapes – from the majestic Himalayas to lush jungles inhabited by rhinos, elephants and tigers – Nepal should be one of the countries you need to include to your bucket list.
I am a NepaliI I live at southern part of Nepal which is known as as terai belt
As i am from nepal let me make u all know why nepal should be one among your destination to visit once in your lifetime. Nepal is small and beautiful country . It is divided into three belt namely mountain,hill and terai region . The terai is well known for the agriculture practice and is known as the food grain of Nepal .

The hilly part possesses small mountain and mineral sources . The most beautiful place of Nepal is present here i.e Pokhara. It can be treated as like Goa of India in the sense it attract million of tourist every year. The snow capped mountain, natural scenery, lakes, falls, cave add scenic beauty to it . People enjoy the skating,paragliding,bunji jumping,mountain treeking,etc. The himalyan region consist of huge and mighty mountains .

Out of 10 tallest mountain in the world ,8 are present in Nepal. People from different part of world come to climb Mount Everest which is the only highest mountain in the world. Moreover Nepal is also known as the land of temple . The visiting and offering the prays at the Pashupati temple is wish of all Hindu as like every Muslim visit the Mecca once in their life time. Apart from this, it homes the people of different cast,creed,tribes living in harmony.

Different languages,traditions,and cultures are practise here. Although having huge variation there is peace, prosperity and integrity among the people . Also it the home of lord Gautam Buddha, the preacher of peace in the world. Goddes sita was born here . With no doubt it can be said that people enjoy and have great time visiting Nepal in their holidays or vacation as there are alot to see and alot to explore. It Is a Nepalese Views

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