World’s most 10 Dangerous bridges.

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Looking down anyone else who’s breathing increases heart by fear and anxiety. A similar bridge is crossed. Some bridges so that there are too afraid to see which felling down. How can a man walk in the fear of bridges have man made? The public mind that the question arises. Here are a few bridges the world’s most violent


1. Bridge Mountain region of Southeast epetri trimiya



२. चीनको हुवा पहाडको भिरमा अवस्थित डरलाग्दो तथा साँघुरो काठे पुल

-2. China, in conjunction with existing critical and narrow wooden bridges mountain cliffbridge2



bridge3Hunja River in Pakistan, Hussaini bridge

bridge44. Switzerland triphta Bridge bridge66. China yunanasthita yuntai mountain glass bridge, which is currently closed
bridge77. Malaysia Sky Bridge macincanga pahadasthita langakavi bridge88. Japan-based ankles made Shickora Bridge bridge99. South Korea’s provincial park located in dedunsana Bridge bridge1011. Royal George suspension bridge in Colorado

१० अमेरिकाको कोलोराडोस्थित रोयल जर्ज झोलुंगे पुल They are 10 most Dangerious Bridges of World.


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